Golf vacations are an increasingly popular holiday choice for people, businesspeople and families who want to get away from home for a while. It’s even become true for people who don’t even traditionally play golf!

Why? It turns out that golf vacations can be the perfect getaway if you’re looking for something tranquil, something fun and something that can surprisingly fit to most budgets.

Why Golf Vacations Are the Perfect Getaway

Here’s why golf vacations are ideal for anyone whether or not you’re a golfer.

They’re Set in Prime Locations

Most golf courses are set in prime property locations, overlooking some of the most gorgeous locations on earth. Certainly, this is because a view and steady terrain are some of the most important factors for a golf game. Furthermore, nobody is going to play golf on a terrible course. What this means for any holiday-goers is that most golf courses are great places to stay at with a beautiful view.

They Offer Inclusive Stay Deals

Many golf courses offer inclusive stay deals that are cheaper than staying per-night. In addition, you can get other benefits included in your stay package including better deals on food. Moreover, discounts for booking as a group or staying for longer. These inclusive stay deals has come to mean that “exclusive” golfing vacations are easier to access for everyone.

They’re Great for New and Advanced Golfers

If you’ve never played a game of golf before, you’re just as welcome at most golf resorts as a seasoned golf player and that’s part of what makes the experience great. A lot of visitors to golf courses are completely new to golf: The variety of things you can find to do at most golf courses has inspired a lot of people to take up the game.

They Offer Classes and Rental

New to golfing or didn’t bring your clubs? You’re covered at most golf resorts: The majority of courses and resorts offer golf classes together with an expert who can show you the ropes, and just the same way you can also find club and golf cart rental available at most golf resorts – sometimes even as part of the inclusive-stay deal.

There’s a Lot More to Do

Golf resorts also offer a lot of other things to do for other members of the family or group who might not be golf enthusiasts: Usually everything from tennis courts to swimming pools so that everyone can find something to do.

Bent Tree Golf Course Omaha & Council Bluffs | Best Golf Course near Downtown Omaha

Bent Tree is Open 12 Months out of the year. Players can play golf all season long if the Temperature is above freezing and snow is clear. We have a cart path that runs throughout the entire golf course. Carts are generally required to stay on them in the winter months. There are definitely years where we do have play in the winter time and the conditions allow for it. With daylight savings the window  to play is shorter and winter players are a little bit of a select crowd but we try to accommodate them the best we can.
Overall winter can always vary in this part of the country and golf courses just try to make sure the use the down time to better prepare for the future. Finally the one thing all courses do in the winter is pray that the Groundhog Doesn’t se his shadow!

Bent Tree Golf Club Amenities

  • PGA Professionals
  • Driving Range
  • Retail Pro Shop
  • Practice Green / Chipping Area
  • Motorized Golf Carts
  • Full Service Snack Bar
  • Dining / Party Room

To schedule your tee time, please contact us by calling 712.566.9441. Or fill out online form.